The FIA's European Collection includes more than 1,500 works spanning the Renaissance to the 20th century in all media—paintings, sculpture, works on paper, decorative arts, tapestries, and furniture. The Renaissance and Baroque periods are strongly represented by the Viola E. Bray Collection, which features fifty-seven works of predominantly Italian and French art of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Among the seventeenth-century European works, the FIA has important examples of portrait and genre painting, including Justus Sustermans's portrait, Maria Maddalena of Austria (Wife of Grand Duke Cosimo II de Medici) with Her Son, the Future Ferdinand II; Peasants Dancing by David Teniers the Younger; and Air by Jan van Kessel. Several major schools and stylistic developments in 19th-century Europe—including the Barbizon School, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, and Les Nabis—are represented in the FIA collection. Key paintings in this collection include works by Jean-Baptiste-Corot, Charles-François Daubigny, Lucien Pissaro, and Pierre Bonnard.

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Works on Paper

Decorative Arts