Rinaldo Views His Image In The Diamond Shield

Simon Vouet

French, 1590 - 1649

Manufactory of Raphael de la Planche

French, active 1629 - 1661

Rinaldo Views His Image in the Diamond Shield, ca. 1633-1637

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Wool and silk (modern cotton lining)

Dimensions: 179 × 152 in. (454.7 × 386.1 cm)

Gift of Viola E. Bray, 2005.124.6

As instructed by Hermit Peter, the two knights wait for the moment when Rinaldo is alone so that they may confront him without the intervention of Armida. At the first opportunity, they approach the spellbound knight and recall him to his duty by raising a magical diamond shield before his eyes so that he sees his true reflection. Awakening from his stupor, Rinaldo reacts with embarrassment and shame, as depicted in the tapestry. Lifting his hands in the air, he drops Armida’s smaller hand mirror and recovers his senses.

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