Vase: Zhi-Long Dragon


Vase: Zhi-Long Dragon, Qing Dynasty

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Porcelain, blanc de chine ware

Dimensions: 8 1/4 × 3 1/2 in. (21 × 8.9 cm)

Gift of Mrs. Thelma C. Foy, 2005.110

Blanc de chine is the term used to describe a type of heavily potted white ware with a clear glaze which was produced by a group of independent kilns in the city of Dehua in modern Fujien Province. These kilns were noted for creating objects for the scholar’s desk, including brush pots, brush washers, seals and a variety of small vases. They are also noted for their production of Buddhist and Daoist figures. One of the most unusual aspects of blanc de chine is that many pieces, particularly the figures, are signed by the artist-potter - relatively rare in Chinese ceramic history.

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