Peacock-Handled Flask


Peacock-Handled Flask, 1734, 12th year of Emperor Yongzheng (r. 1722-1735)

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Porcelain with clair de lune glaze

Dimensions: 9 × 9 1/4 × 5 in. (22.9 × 23.5 × 12.7 cm)

Gift of Mrs. Thelma C. Foy, 2005.99

The flask in the center of this case was made during the rule of Emperor Yongzheng features two parrot-shaped loop handles. This rare vessel includes an inscription on the bottom of this piece translates "A new sample made in the 12th year of Yongzheng." Likely, it was a sample awaiting court approval before additional vessels were produced. The fact that there is only one other known example of this style might indicate that production of this flask was never formally approved. The other possibility is that the emperor died before approval was granted and the court felt it would be improper to produce it after his death.

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