Charles-François Daubigny

French, 1817 - 1878

Untitled, ca. 1865

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Oil on panel

Dimensions: 11 × 16 1/2 in. (27.9 × 41.9 cm)

Gift of Mr. John L. Pierce, 2005.11

Although Charles-François Daubigny is associated with the Barbizon school of painters, he never resided in the village of Barbizon. While his peers favored forest scenes, Daubigny preferred to paint rivers. He was fascinated by the shifting qualities of nature’s color and light and, above all, by the reflective properties of water and the fleeting atmospheric effects of dusk and dawn. His mastery of light and reflection are immediately evident in this untitled landscape painting. Like other members of the Barbizon school, Daubigny’s style was very influential in the development of Impressionism.

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