Poissy, The Green Boat

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Albert Marquet

French, 1875 - 1947

Poissy, the Green Boat, 1928

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Oil on canvas

Dimensions: 25 3/4 × 31 7/8 in. (65.4 × 81 cm)
Framed: 35 × 41 1/4 in. (88.9 × 104.8 cm)

Gift of Mr. and Mrs. William Richards through the Viola E. Bray Charitable Trust Fund, 1969.42

Albert Marquet studied under Gustave Moreau at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Marquet benefited from Moreau’s intelligent, non-doctrinaire teaching, but soon came under the influence of Henri Matisse, adopting his use of powerful colors as a means to heighten the visual impact of his paintings. Despite the expressive quality of his paintings, Marquet’s palette was composed of entirely cool colors. By 1905, he completely abandoned the Fauvist principles espoused by Matisse. He began to work with atmospheric tones executed in different shades of gray, expressing his interest in hazy settings through numerous landscapes of rain and snow.

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