Lavender Serving Fork

Rick Beck

American, born 1960

Lavender Serving Fork, 2006

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Cast glass, steel stand

Dimensions: 104 1/2 × 12 × 18 1/2 in. (265.4 × 30.5 × 47 cm)

Courtesy of the Isabel Foundation, L2017.14

Known for large-scale cast glass sculptures that depict everyday objects and the human figure—in this case a large fork— Rick Beck begins each work by modeling the object out of clay. He then covers the clay in plaster to create a mold. After the plaster has hardened, he removes the clay and fills the mold with chunks of glass. The filled mold is then placed into an annealer, or oven, and slowly heated to 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit. As the glass melts it seeps into the crevices of the mold, taking the shape of the final object. The glass must cool at a very slow temperature or it may crack, a process that can be time consuming. Depending on the size of the object, this cooling can take from a week to two months. Once the glass is removed from the annealer, the plaster mold is completely broken away and any flaws are removed using a diamond-tipped drill.

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