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Green Eye Of The Pyramid

Stanislav Libenský

Czech, 1921 - 2002

Jaroslava Brychtová

Czech, born 1924

Green Eye of the Pyramid, 1993-2004

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Cast, cut and polished glass, I-Beam pedestal

Dimensions: 82 1/2 × 113 × 29 3/4 in., 2000 lb. (209.6 × 287 × 75.6 cm, 907.2 kg)

Courtesy of the Isabel Foundation, L2017.72

The artistic collaboration between the husband-and-wife team of Stanislav Libenský and Jaroslava Brychtová has fundamentally shaped the landscape of contemporary glass, redefining its use as a sculptural medium rather than a purely industrial material. Both artists thought of glass in terms of light. Libenský once said, “There is an illuminating space within this material that doesn't exist in any other medium.” That light is captured and mesmerizes in the Green Eye of the Pyramid.Their artwork started as drawings by Libenský that translated into clay sculpture by Brychtová. Five plaster molds in the shape of the five sections of the pyramid were filled with glass chunks and heated for two or three days until the material melted. The glass was slowly cooled, sometimes taking weeks, before each mold is removed from the kiln.

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