Bunny Wall (128 Paintings)

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Hunt Slonem

American, born 1951

Bunny Wall (128 paintings), 2009-2013

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Oil on wood in found frames

Dimensions: Approx. 108 × 240 in. (274.3 × 609.6 cm)

Gift of Henry and Pat Shane, 2019.89-2019.216

From the very beginning, animals and the natural world have been a large focus of Hunt Slonem’s work. In 1980, after discovering that according to the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, his birth year—1951—was the year of the rabbit, he began work on the now series of “Bunny Paintings.” Bunny Wall consists of 128 individual rabbits painted in a gestural style that gives each one of them a sense of energy and life force.Often working in series, Slonem repeats his subjects in a manner that is very vibrant, energetic and colorful, yet also deeply spiritual and contemplative. He starts each morning, often after a trip to a flea market or antique store, with what he describes as his “daily warm-ups,” where paints a series of small rectangular panels made of wood and Masonite, each depicting a single rabbit in a different pose.

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