Victor Rodriguez

Mexican, born 1970

Anatomy, 1997

Acrylic on canvas

78 × 116 in. (198.1 × 294.6 cm)

Gift of the Friends of Modern Art 1998.6

Size Matters: Big and Small Works from the FIA Collection

September 16, 2017 - December 30, 2017

Hodge Galleries

Size Matters: Big and Small Works from the FIA Collection features objects of both gigantic and diminutive size. Throughout history, artists have often utilized the element of size (or scale) when determining the context of their work. The objects in this exhibition date from the late 18th century to the 21st century.

As we often consider the size of an object relative to our own bodies, objects that are much larger than us have a different impact than those that are miniscule. While a large work may envelop our field of vision, a small work requires us to look more closely. Scale also affects the approach of art-making—a large painting requires ample studio space whereas a small painting may be portable. Scale can also reflect the varying purposes in which works of art were meant to serve, a large artwork may make a bold statement whereas its smaller counterpart may present a subtler message. 

From oversized paintings by Sophie Matisse and Ray Parker to small works by Sir Henry Raeburn and David Eichenberg, the artwork in Size Matters: Big and Small Works from the FIA Collection will consider the importance of size in the experience of art.

From the Exhibition

  • Ray Parker, American, 1922 – 1990. Untitled, 1980. Oil on canvas, 90 × 218 inches. Museum purchase with funds donated by Mr. William S.White 2013.16

  • David Eichenberg, American, b. 1972. Aimee, 2011. Oil on panel, 7 x 6 1/4 inches. Museum purchase, 2013.3

  • Rod Penner, American, born Canada, born 1965. Day, 2010. Acrylic on panel. 6 × 6 in. (15.2 × 15.2 cm). Museum purchase 2010.282

  • Bryan LeBoeuf, American, born 1975. Father to Son, 2003. Oil on linen. 96 × 80 in. (243.8 × 203.2 cm). Gift of Mary Q. Connelly 2007.117

  • Artist Unknown. Portrait of a Young Female, n.d. Hand painted porcelain plaque. 3 3/8 × 2 5/8 in. (8.6 × 6.7 cm). Museum purchase with funds from the Jill Ford Murray Irrevocable Trust in memory of her parents, Carlotta Espy Ford and George Ross Ford, Jr., and her grandparents, Grace Miller Ford and George Ross Ford, 2017.55

  • John Clem Clarke, American, born 1937. The Banquet of the Civic Guard by Van Der Helst, 1983. Oil on canvas. Dimensions: 88 1/2 × 215 in. (224.8 × 546.1 cm). Gift of Ivan and Marilynn Karp, 2013.66