Artist Unknown
African, Angola and Democratic Republic of Congo, Kasai Occidental
Chokwe Mask, early 20th century 
wood, fiber, and metal
13 x 9 inches 
Museum purchase with funds from the Collection Endowment, 2002.48

Cutting it Close: The Art of Carving

July 26, 2014 - February 22, 2015

Ann K. Walch-Chan Gallery

Cutting It Close explores the art of carving from prehistoric times to present day. This ancient art form is one that has spread cross-culturally and spanned across time. While many cultures use similar media in carving, the end results are drastically different. Explore this exhibition on carving and get a glimpse into a multitude of societies including our own. Art on view ranges from stone and wood to more precious materials including ivory, jade, and emerald. From the ancient Maya and Egyptians through several Chinese dynasties to African tribes still thriving today, this exhibition explores carving from around the world. Objects vary from those of utility including, weaponry, cutlery, and writing tools to sculptures created for aesthetic or spiritual purposes.