Klaus Duschat
German, born South Africa, 1955
Scetch II 

German Sculptures on the Grounds of the FIA

January 1, 2012 - December 31, 2012

FIA Grounds

Flint Institute of Arts is pleased to announce the installation of six large outdoor sculptures. The project titled Ground Breakers: German Sculptures on the Grounds of the FIA will be on view from Kearsley Street and surround the grounds of the FIA. Sculptures range in size from thirteen feet tall to nineteen feet wide. The sculptures are the individual creations of six established German sculptors—Klaus Albert, Klaus Duschat, Rolf Nolden, Jan Meyer-Rogge, Markus Schaller, and Hartmut Stielow.

Four of the sculptures will be placed on concrete sculpture pads on the north lawn of the museum, one on the east lawn, and one in the interior sculpture courtyard. These large-scale works will enhance the museum’s exterior visual appeal, particularly in the evening when the sculptures will be illuminated by ground level lights that will create a series of dramatic focal points viewed from street side.

This project is the first in a series of outdoor sculpture exhibitions planned for the museum. Flint Institute of Arts has large outdoor sculptures by George Rickey, Thomas McClure and Jane Manus that are installed in the museum’s expansive sculpture courtyard, as well as several large-scale works that have been featured on the museum’s grounds, including Rick Mayer’s Dance, Sydney Atkinson’s Center of Mass, and Joseph McDonnell’s recently installed School’s Out.

The sculptures will be on view during the very active summer and fall months, concurrent with the Flint Art Fair, the Children’s Summer Festival, the American Association of Museum Directors Conference, the 100th anniversary of General Motors, the Sloan Automobile Show, the Salute to Seniors, and the opening of the University of Michigan dormitories adjacent to the Cultural Center. 

Sponsored by
The Hurand Family
ATI Group
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Burroughs
Suzanne Johnson

From the Exhibition

  • Rolf Nolden
    German, 1943
    Space in Time I

  • Jan Meyer-Rogge
    German, 1935
    Gezetien VI

  • Markus Schaller
    German, 1964
    Managed Cube 

  • Hartmut Stielow
    German, 1957
    Cross of Stele

  • Klaus Albert
    German, 1943
    King of Flying