Image courtesy of the artist.

In Ictu Oculi

February 1, 2015 - February 28, 2015

Spain, 2009, by Greta Alfaro, 10:37 min.

In Ictu Oculi (in the blink of an eye) is concerned with the experience of time. The work's title, which alludes to the brevity of human existence, is shared with a number of vanitas paintings from the 17th century. A dinner table, laden with plates of food and wine bottles, its chairs waiting to be occupied, stands in a semi-mountainous landscape, a breeze flickering its tablecloth. The table's placement, in the center of the frame alludes to the Last Supper. From nowhere, vultures descend, bringing instability to the implied order of the scene. The meal's duration, and its strange quietness lend it a human quality. The Birds act out a travesty of human vanities—gluttony, selfish aggression, and the coveting of what will quickly pass away.