Carl Demeulenaere
American, b. 1956
Los Penitentes Diptych, 2001
colored pencil, velvet, brass, and Avonite
5 x 4 inches (each image) 
Collection of Barbara and Ross Bunting

Labyrinth: The Circuitous Life of a Miniaturist

November 1, 2014 - January 4, 2015

Graphics Gallery

In this reflective installation, artist Carl Demeulenaere explores the development of his art over the past 30 years. Demeulenaere designed a maze-like room that takes the viewer on a twisting and winding adventure. In the end, viewers will end up back where they started, paralleling Demeulenaere's self-proclaimed circuitous life as an artist working on a miniature scale.

With over 120 works on view, Labyrinth includes many styles and themes common in Demeulenaere's oeuvre. Highly influenced by his personal experiences, Demeulenaere's art often deals with topics of religion, sexuality, and global/cultural events.

From the Exhibition

  • Carl Demeulenaere, American, b. 1956, Arcada Triptych (Bistre and Ash and a Boy, Witch, Ambers, Garnet, and Requiem Prayer), 2008-13, colored pencil, linen paper, acrylic, inked paper star, and blood, 6 x 4 inches (each image). Collection of Dr. Dan Haddad (Bistre and Ash and a Boy and Witch, Ambers, Garnet). Collection of Kurt Cieszkowski (Requiem Prayer)

  • Carl Demeulenaere, American, b. 1956, La Gloria Diptych (La Gloria and L'Orrore), 2009, colored pencil, gold leaf, and incised letters, 2 3/4 x 2 1/2 inches (each image). Collection of Babette Pierce-Lumley

  • Carl Demeulenaere, American, b. 1956, Nan Wood Graham and Carla DeWild, 2003, colored pencil, mixed media
    6 x 5 inches. Collection of the Artist

  • Carl Demeulenaere, American, b. 1956, Witch, Ambers, Garnet (Part of the Arcada Triptych), 2010-13, colored pencil, garnet
    6 x 4 inches (each image). Collection of Dr. Dan Haddad