William Stolpin

American, b. 1942

William Stolpin, 2004

Screenprint on paper

26 x 20 inches

Promised gift of the artist

The Eccentric Vision of William Stolpin

September 16, 2017 - January 7, 2018

Graphics Gallery

The Eccentric Vision of William Stolpin will feature prints from the long and distinguished career of Bill (as he was known to most) Stolpin. A retired engineer, Stolpin made prints in Holly, Michigan for more than fifty years. He began making linoleum block Christmas cards when he was in junior high school. One year, he made a card with seven different blocks and fifteen colors, which helped him decide to explore printmaking more seriously. He studied with internationally known lithographers and relief printers and taught printmaking classes at the FIA Art School for the past decade. When asked how he would sum up his work as a printmaker, he used the word “eccentric.” Working in multiple print mediums, including woodcuts, linocuts, etchings, aquatints, and serigraphs, he demonstrated a mastery of his medium as well as an ability to teach those skills to others.

Stolpin’s artwork was not just varied in its technique but in subject matter as well. His work revolved around several themes, including architecture, landscape, fantasy, abstraction, and outer space. “I make images that are interesting to me,” he said with hope that others may share his interest. From the city of Flint to the far reaches of outer space, The Eccentric Vision of William Stolpin presents the many passions of this prolific printmaker.

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