Guardian Alarm Check Presentation

Guardian Alarm

Eric Bindig, Guardian Security Consultant, (center) presents a check in support of the FOMA Film Program to John Henry, FIA Executive Director, (left) with Jason Tague, Director of Strategic Accounts (right). Guardian has sponsored the FOMA Film Program at the Screenwriter Level since 2008. 

McLaren Health Care Check Presentation

McLaren Health Care

Brent Swanson, Glass Program Manager (left) and Donovan Entrekin (right) discuss glass works with Laurie Prochazka, President of Marketing, McLaren Health Care to display in the corporate headquarters. The vessels were fabricated in the Hot Shop on a McLaren Demonstration Day. For the next three years Saturday visitors can watch demonstrations, free of charge, thanks to McLaren Health Care. 

The Flint Institute of Arts gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the following donors who have supported the Institute with contributions

Gifts received from 

7.11.18 – 10.9.18

Annual Appeal 2018

Dr. & Mrs. Frederick VanDuyne 

Special Gifts 

Designation of the Trueba Lawand Family Gallery

Dr. Jamile Trueba Lawand

Sponsor of Huntington Free Saturdays 2016–2018

Huntington Bank

Sponsor of FIA Magazine 2018–2019

Ms. Lynne Hurand

Sponsor of McLaren Free Demonstration Days

McLaren Health Care

To support Collections Fund

Bequest of Grayce Scholt

To support General Operating

Mrs. Norma Struck

Gift of an FIA Membership

Mr. Fenton A. Addington for David Odom

Mr. Fenton A. Addington for Ben & Wendy Atkins

Mr. Fenton A. Addington for Michele Addington

Miss Becki Flanagint for Jeffrey Ferweda

Ms. Patricia Gage for Bob Clayton

Ms. Stephanie Hartfield for Linda Mason

Ms. Chene Koppitz for Matthew & Rebecca Widdick

Ms. Chene Koppitz for Chris & Holly Tait

Ms. Chene Koppitz for Mr. & Mrs. Tim Jacques

Ms. Kerstin Lawrence for Martha Calhoun

Ms. Marissa Pierce for Marilyn Twine

Mrs. Christine Stephens for Gabrielle Stephens

Grant for General Operating 18/19

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

Grant from the Mary Elizabeth Adams Manley Beautification Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint to support the 2019 exhibition, catalog, and community visit by artist, poet, and performer, Vanessa German

Community Foundation of Greater Flint

Grant to support What’s Up at the FIA program

Nartel Family Foundation

Grant to support Spring Break Special 2018 - Education

Nartel Family Foundation

Grant to support Success Through Art Project

PNC Foundation

Expansion Project Endowment and Equipment Funds Contributors

Since 7.11.18 – 10.9.18

Ms. Jane M. Bingham, in honor of Tom Cheek’s retirement

Mr. Christopher Carr

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Florine

Frederick Fisher & Partners Architects

Hoffman’s Deco Deli & Café, Sandwich of the Month Promotion

Ms. Kerstin Lawrence

Mr. Max Lepler & Mr. Rex L. Dotson, in celebration of the FIA’s 90th Birthday and in anticipation of the 100th

Mr. H. Michael Parker, in Celebration of Patricia A. Parker

Ms. Patricia Parker, in Celebration of H. Michael Parker

Estate of Grayce Scholt

Chuck & Kathryn Sharbaugh

Mrs. Susan K. Sovel

Mr. & Mrs. Morry Weiss, thank you to Kathryn Sharbaugh for giving a tour

Whiting Foundation for “special project”

The Contemporaries Members 18/19

Since 7.11.18 – 10.9.18

Mr. Kofi Brown

Da Edoardo North

Mr. Matt Franklin

Mr. Paul F. Hauth

Mr. Kristopher Johns & Ms. Vanessa Ferguson

Mrs. Camille Koger-McCree & Mr. Kyle McCree

Moët & Chandon

Ms. Elisabeth Saab

Ms. Vernelle Salaam

Ms. Karen Sleno & Ms. Kevyn Welter

Mr. Dale K. Weighill & Mr. Sang Truong

Film Society Sponsors 18/19

Since 7.11.18 – 10.9.18

Preview  ($5,500) 

Merrill Lynch

Screenwriter ($2,500) 

Guardian Security Services, Inc.

Michigan Public Radio

Leading Actor/Actress ($1,000) 

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Henry

Supporting Player ($500) 

Mrs. Edmund Brownell

Chapin & Gail Cook

Dr. & Mrs. Kienan F. Murphy

Ms. Linda L. Pylypiw

Dr. James Scott & Ms. Diane Piontkowski

Film Society Members 18/19

Since 7.11.18 – 10.9.18

Mr. & Mrs. David G. Babieracki

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Beauchamp

Mr. & Mrs. Ted Bolander

Susan Steiner Bolhouse & William S. Ballenger III

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Bradley

Robert & Cindy Buckel

Sean Siebigteroth

Mr. & Mrs. Tom E. Butts

Ms. Kay E.M. Cherry

Mr. & Mrs. Allan Coon

Samuel & Darylee Coplin

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Cybulski

Carol Egloff

Ms. Patricia Emenyonu

Ms. Nora G. Fisher

Mr. Richard W. Fortner

Dr. Brenda Fortunate & Mr. Edward White

Ms. Virginia Gaffney

Ms. Kathleen George

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Gilmour

Helen Bas & Tom Glasscock

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Glowney

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene B. Griffel

Mr. John Hemingway & Mrs. Connie Palmer

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Hendriksen

Mrs. Ermie Hermann

Mr. John Hubbard

Ms. Lynne Hurand

Mr. & Mrs. Franklin H. Kasle

Michael & Virginia Knag

Lee J. LaVictoire & Robin P. LaVictoire

Ms. Diane Lien

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lutgens

Richard & Claudia Mach

Ms. Carol Masse

Marilyn Mazanec & Gregory Jensenworth

Sean & Eureka McCormick

Mr. William K. McDonald

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Meier

Mr. Herb Merrell

Mr. Shai M. Brosh & Ms. Christine Mieloch

Dr. Peter C. Moody

Ms. Christy Moore

Mr. Michael Orr & Ms. Darla Orr

Ms. Suzanne Owen

Ms. Alta Parsons

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Payne

Ms. Orlene Peresta

Ms. Sally Pierson

Mr. & Mrs. Edward H. Powers

Ms. Nella Root

Drs. Michael & Virginia Rucks

Ms. Carla Russell & Ms. Susan Mangapora

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Sabo

Mrs. Judy Sanford

Ms. Marsha V. Schwarz

Ms. Joan W. Smalley

Ms. Shelley R. Spivack & Mr. Justin Scanlon

Mrs. Sally Salay Stevens

Ms. Elizabeth Svoboda

Ms. Carolyn Szaroletta

Dr. & Mrs. L. VanWinkle, Jr.

Mr. Mark A. Walters

Dr. & Mrs. Stuart B. Weiner

Mr. & Mrs. David Wharton

Mrs. Marilyn Willingham

Ms. Janette A. Wilson

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Wilson

Mr. & Mrs. Dean Yeotis

In Memory

In memory of Kathleen “Kathy” Hain 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Bessert

Ms. Patty Ehrnstrom Burdon

Cynthia & James Cirar

Letty & Ike Evans

David & Connie McCredie

Dr. & Mrs. Peter K. McLeod

David & Linda Roeser

Byron & Bobbi Schoolfield

Suzanne Turpen

In memory of Judy Irwin 

Mr. & Mrs. Chris J. Dundas

Founders Society to support Art School Scholarships

In memory of Barbara White 

Mrs. Marilyn Willingham

In memory of Robert Hardy 

Kim Brown

Harold & Marie Ecker

Tim & Linda Knecht

Wayne Knecht

Christine Lott

Bob & Mary VanDuyne

In Honor

In honor of Tom Cheek’s Retirement 

Ms. Jane Bingham

In celebration of the FIA’s 90th birthday and in anticipation of the 100th 

Mr. Max Leper & Mr. Rex Dotson

In celebration of Patricia A. Parker 

Mr. H. Michael Parker

In celebration of H. Michael Parker 

Ms. Patricia A. Parker 

Print Club Members 17/18

Samuel & Graciela Harris

Chris & Holly Tait

Gift of Print Club 

Chene Koppitz for Chris & Holly Tait

Event Sponsors

Since 7.11.18 – 10.9.18

Art on Tap 2018 

Al Serra Cadillac

Applegate Chevrolet

Jim & Kathy Boles

Mrs. Edmund Brownell

Dee Cramer Inc.

The Genesee Group

Carol & Gary Hurand

Kettering University

Lewis & Knopf, CPAs

Mark & Charlotte Lippincott

Thomas Mitchell

Dr. & Mrs. Kienan F. Murphy

Ann & Khalil Saab

Tom & DeAnn Townsend

Werschky & Lewis Family Dentistry

Yeo & Yeo CPAs & Business Consultants

Community Gala 2019 

Chuck & Kathryn Sharbaugh