Mass Transit Authority Flint (MTA)

Mass Transit Authority Flint (MTA)

Mass Transit Authority Flint (MTA) General Manager Ed Benning and Charlene Kowalski, Director of Marketing/Customer Service, present a check to FIA Executive Director John Henry for the MTA sponsorship of Semaj Brown’s performance of poetry inspired by art in the Community exhibition and art school activities for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Biggby Coffee

Biggby Coffee

Madysen Hunt, Manager, and Meghan Atkinson, Owner of Biggby Coffee-Linden Road, present a check to FIA Public & Community Relations Coordinator Marissa Pierce for the sponsorship of Coffee with the Curator.

Founders Society

Founders Society

James Draper, President of the Founders Society, presents Kathryn Sharbaugh, Director of Development, with a check in support of Graphic Gallery installations this year and The Four Seasons by Philip Haas on view in the Hurand Sculpture Courtyard through November 17, 2019. The Founders Society’s next event is First Frost Arts & Fine Crafts Fair the weekend of November 2–3. 

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus

Renee Janovsky, General Manager/Vice President of Neiman Marcus Troy presents a check to Marissa Pierce, FIA Public & Community Relations Coordinator. Neiman Marcus is the sponsor of the Isabelle de Borchgrave Au Revoir Soiree and a Youth Arts Partner of the FIA.

McLaren Health Care

McLaren Health Care

Since April 21, 2018, McLaren Health Care Saturday demonstrations have provided more than 15,000 visitors free public presentations in the FIA’s Hot Shop. The program is labor intensive, requiring highly trained staff, usually working in a team of three, with a narrator explaining the process and taking questions from the audience. Visitors frequently asked, “Why aren’t there demonstrations on Sundays as well?” Thanks to McLaren Health Care, there now are. 

Jim Chintyan

Jim Chintyan

Art à la Carte is sponsored in the summer months by Jim Chintyan (right). The weekly video series encourages participants to bring their lunch and enjoy complimentary coffee, tea, and cookies.

Dort Federal

Dort Federal

Femme Assise by Pablo Picasso is now on view in the Dow Gallery as a loan from the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada. The FIA received support from Dort Federal Credit Union to sponsor the loan.

(Left to right) FIA Public and Community Relations Coordinator Marissa Pierce joins Dort Federal Credit Union Community Relations Coordinator Nicole Sterling and Director of Marketing Laura Cipieleski in viewing the masterwork with FIA Curator of Exhibitions and Collections Tracee Glab and Executive Director John Henry.

Wealth and Investment Management of Huntington National Bank

Martha Merkley-Elderly Charitable Trust and the Stella and Fredrick Loeb Charitable Trust

(Left to right) Janice Sova and Anne Carey from Wealth and Investment Management of Huntington National Bank present FIA Executive Director John Henry and Thomas Mitchell, Board of Trustees President, grant awards from the Martha Merkley-Elderly Charitable Trust and the Stella and Fredrick Loeb Charitable Trust.

Sova and Carey represent both trusts, which, combined, support three on-going programs: a noontime series of arts-related films and videos for seniors, a three-year program that facilitates the career pursuits of gifted high school visual arts students, and a broad visual arts-based program for K-6 students.

Al Serra Auto Plaza

Al Serra Auto Plaza

The Museum Shop is stocked with new merchandise sure to remind you of your experience in the Isabelle de Borchgrave: Fashioning Art from Paper exhibition. From notecards, puzzles, and catalogues to authentic paper jewelry direct from de Borchgrave’s workshop, we have pieces to intrigue you with all the possibilities of paper as an art form.

Guardian Alarm Check Presentation

Guardian Alarm

Eric Bindig, Guardian Security Consultant, (center) presents a check in support of the FOMA Film Program to John Henry, FIA Executive Director, (left) with Jason Tague, Director of Strategic Accounts (right). Guardian has sponsored the FOMA Film Program at the Screenwriter Level since 2008. 

McLaren Health Care Check Presentation

McLaren Health Care

Brent Swanson, Glass Program Manager (left) and Donovan Entrekin (right) discuss glass works with Laurie Prochazka, President of Marketing, McLaren Health Care to display in the corporate headquarters. The vessels were fabricated in the Hot Shop on a McLaren Demonstration Day. For the next three years Saturday visitors can watch demonstrations, free of charge, thanks to McLaren Health Care. 

Security Credit Union Check Presentation Photo

Security Credit Union

From left to right, Marketing Specialist Katie Tylor and Marketing Manager Ashley Lister of Security Credit Union look on as Marissa Pierce, FIA Public and Community Relations Coordinator, receives a check from Christopher Estes, Security Credit Union President and CEO, with Sarah Kohn, FIA Associate Curator and Chad Merrihew, Security Credit Union Senior Vice President and COO.

Security Credit Union has committed award support for the flamework exhibition, From the Flame, June 29 through October 6, 2019. The juried exhibition will feature contemporary flameworked glass by established and emerging glass artists who reside in the North America with three monetary prize levels. 

The Flint Institute of Arts gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the following donors who have supported the Institute with contributions

Gifts received from 

10.11.19 – 1.10.20

Annual Appeal 2019

Since 10.11.19 – 1.10.20

Ms. Velma Adams

Ms. Denise Ahonen

Mrs. Dolores R. Allen

Mrs. Catherine Andresen


Steven & Valarie Bailie

Carroll Baker & Kimberly Roberson

Mr. & Mrs. David F. Barbour

Mr. David J. Barkey

Mr. & Mrs. Kelly B. Beardslee

Dr. & Mrs. William D. Beck & Kristen

Mrs. Doris Beebe

Mr. Jeffrey Bellairs

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Bernstein

Mrs. Rosemary Bigelow

Jane Bingham

Dr. Cathy O. Blight & Mr. Edward B. Davison

Susan Steiner Bolhouse & William S. Ballenger III

Miss Sheryl Brown

Mrs. Edmund Brownell

Ginanne, Vladimir,  Theo and Nora Brownell Mitic

Howard & Virgina Bueche 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Burger

Ms. Rebecca Burr

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Carr

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce T. Colasanti

Mrs. Mary Coleman

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Cross

Daniel & Carol Cruz

Dr. & Mrs. Michael Danic

Lorretta Davis & Harold Ford

Ms. Judy Dawson

The Day Family

Ms. Monique Desormeau

Ms. Stephany R. Diana & Mr. Dennis Zawol

Mrs. Beverly J. Dillon

Ms. Jeanne Dobes

Mr. Robert F. Dueweke

Mr. Ryan M. Eashoo

Ms. Clare Evans

Ms. Bonnie Ferguson

FIA Security

Ms. Nora G. Fisher

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Fizell

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Fortier - Fortier Family Foundation

Ms. Laura Friesen & Mr. Bruce Green

Mr. John R. Gazall

Ms. Patricia Gebhardt

Mr. Thomas M. Gervasi

Ms. Lee Giacalone

Douglas & Susan Goering

Mrs. Carolyn Goetz

Donna Mooney Graham

Mr. Earl E. Gravlin & Ms. Julia Sullivan, donor-advised grant

Mrs. Bobbie J. Greer

Ms. Peggy Hale

Mr. & Mrs. Joel H. Harris

Mr. John Hemingway & Mrs. Connie Palmer

Ms. Annetta Hendrickson

Mr. & Mrs. Edward G. Henneke

Mrs. Rachael Holstege

Mr. Larry D. Howell

Mr. & Mrs. Francis Hudson

Ms. Lynne Hurand

Dr. Susumu Inoue

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Isola

Mr. & Mrs. James N. Johnson

Ms. Kitty Kelly

Mr. James R. Kettler

Mr. Mike Kinnunen

Dr. Alan Klein

Mr. & Mrs. Norman Kleiner

Mr. Wayne W. Knecht

Sarah & Wes Kohn

Mr. Miles Lam

Rev. Reginald V. Lancaster & Dr. Karen R. Wilkinson

Mrs. Linda LeMieux

Mr. & Mrs. Carl A. Leser

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Lillie

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Lindebrekke

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Lysinger

Ms. Maureen MacVay

Ms. Jeanette R. Mansour & Mr. Joe Green, in memory of William & Claire White

Ms. Marjorie Markon

Ms. Carol Masse

Mr. & Mrs. David S. McCredie

Mrs. Helen G. Millhouse

Mrs. Patricia Minshall

Ms. Barbara Mirsky

Mr. Thomas J. Mitchell

Ms. Marlene Morris

Ms. Lori Motley

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander C. Murray

Ms. Natalie Napier

Olmsted Associates, Inc.

Ms. Carole A. Pappas

Mr. H. Michael Parker

Ms. Roberta Parkhill

Ms. Lynn Penning

Ms. Jacqueline Piechowski

Mr. Richard Pierce & Ms. Laurie Pierce

Mrs. Karan A. Pinkston

Dr. & Mrs. Mark Plucer

Mrs. Fouad Rabiah


Ms. Barbara Reehl

Mr. & Mrs. A. Davison Rice

Mr. & Mrs. James P. Ricker

Mr. John L. Riegle, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Riha

Mrs. Vanessa Robar

Dr. & Mrs. Paul Roetter

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rozycki

Drs. Michael & Virginia Rucks

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Runyan

Ms. Elisabeth Saab & Mr. Chad Hansen

Mr. & Mrs. Khalil M. Saab

Mr. Marshall H. Sanders & Dr. Sharon A. Simeon

Dr. & Mrs. Frederick C. Schreiber

Dr. & Mrs. Paul E. Schroeder

Mr. & Mrs. Howard S. Schultz

Donald & Ann Skunda

Dr. Ernestine R. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. James Spangler

Ms. Shelly Spivack

Mrs. Debra Spurgeon

Mr. & Mrs. Norm Stewart

Ms. Tracey Stewart

Miss Barbara Stewart

Ms. Suzanne Sugden

Mr. Michael Dingman & Mrs. Susan Sumner Dingman

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Svitkovich

Ms. Christine Thomas

Mrs. Ruth P. Thrash

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Timm

Ms. Jane B. Trotter

Dr. & Mrs. Frederick VanDuyne

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. VanDuyne

Mr. Marcos A. Vargas

Mr. & Mrs. Rob Vogt

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Walker

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald L. Walters

Alan & Jean Weamer

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Weiermiller

Dr. & Mrs. Jay A. Werschky

Ms. Mary E. Whaley & Mr. Rick Kroeger

Mr. & Mrs. Ridgway H. White

Ms. Mary Whitlock

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Wickham

Dr. & Mrs. James Williams III

Dr. Sue Wisenberg

Judge & Mrs. Thomas C. Yeotis

Mr. & Mrs. Clair Ward 

Matching Gifts 

In memory of Claire & William White

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

Film Society Sponsors 19/20

Since 10.11.19 – 1.10.20

Supporting Player ($500)

Dr. & Mrs. Mark Plucer 

Film Society Members 19/20

Since 10.11.19 – 1.10.20

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Cybulski

League of Interesting Women

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Shaw

Ms. Joan W. Smalley

Ms. Shelley R. Spivack & Mr. Justin Scanlon 

The Contemporaries Members 19/20

Since 10.11.19 – 1.10.20

Mr. Matt Franklin

Mr. Quentin Groce

Mr. Rodrick Larry & Mrs. Sunni Samuels-Larry

Mr. Karl Olmsted

Ms. Marissa Pierce 

Expansion Project Endowment Contributors

Since 10.11.19 – 1.10.20

Mr. Christopher Carr

Community Impact Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint, in memory of William S. White

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel S. Harrett

Ms. Jan Herrick, from the Frank W. Lynch and Roberta Jane Lynch Endowed Family Fund

Ms. Ethel Hooker

Jewish Historical Society of Michigan, for a spectacular tour

Ms. Kerstin Lawrence

Tiffany Lovett

The Mackey Foundation

William H. Piper Fund- Flint Community Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint, in memory of Edward J. Neithercut

Sahar Abdallah, Sorensen Gross Company

Wines for Humanity

Matching Gifts

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation 

Special Gifts 

To Support General Operating

Anna Paulina Foundation, in memory of Edward & Elizabeth Neithercut

Mr. & Mrs. Kelly B. Beardslee

Dr. & Mrs. William D. Beck & Kristen

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Bessert

Michael & Kay Kelly

Dr. & Mrs. Mark Plucer

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Riha

Dr. & Mrs. Paul E. Schroeder

Grant to support General Operating

William H. Piper Fund - Flint Community Fund of the Community Foundtion of Greater Flint

To purchase the Dr. Sarah Jordan Lippert Vestibule

Dr. Jamile T. Lawand 

Gift of an FIA Membership

Ms. Jennifer Branch for Jennifer Arnold Champagne

Mr. James R. Chintyan for Crystal Carman

Mrs. Rosemary Emerton for Ava & Olivia Dudley

Ms. Patricia Gage & Mr. William McKay for Julie & Dave Kunc

Mr. Louis A. Hawkins for Jacob & Remonia Hawkins

Ms. Ann Helmer for Annette Adams

Ms. Shayna Hosler & Mr. James Mason for Ivan Gibbs

Mrs. Gail D. Hutchison for Thom, Micah, Avery Hutchison

Ms. Chene Koppitz for Payton McCoy

Ms. Chene Koppitz for Olivia Walsh

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Larsen for Marjorie Larsen

Ms. Angela Libkie for Donna Shinn

Mrs. Audrey McDonough & Ms. Shanna McDonough for Ned & Susan DeGalan

Ms. Patricia O’Berry for Nancy Kursik

Ms. Marissa Pierce for Marilyn Twine

Mrs. Fouad Rabiah for Victoria Ybarra

Michael, Natalie, Finley & Felix Romanello for Kathy Taliaferro & Edwin Gassel

Ms. Joan W. Smalley for Lynn & Jerry Kerr

Grant to support Hot Shop Residence Program 2019

Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass

Grant to support Glass Program Development

Arthur G. Bishop Charitable Trust 

Grant to support START for Families

Literacy for Life Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint

Donor-advised fund to support the Print Gallery

Martha S. Piper Charitable Fund

To support the FIA Art School’s Youth Arts Partners

Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation Fund of Communities Foundation of Texas

Grant to support START and START Parenting Skills Workshops Project

Ruth Mott Foundation

Sponsor of FIA Magazine 20/21

Ms. Lynne Hurand

To support Guest Artists Glass Program

Charles & Townes Miller

Lighting for 19/20

Mr. & Mrs. Jay Nelson

To support the Piper Print Library

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Piper

Ms. Martha Piper

Grant to support the purchase of the Entry Flooring System

Susie’s Hope

To support the purchase of the Entry Flooring System

Mr. & Mrs. Howard S. Shand

To support the purchase of the Vault Object Storage Door

Mr. & Mrs. Howard S. Shand

From the Flame Exhibition Sponsor

Security Credit Union

From the Flame Purchase Award Sponsor 19/20

Security Credit Union

To sponsor the Summer 2020 Film Series

Dort Financial Credit Union 

In Honor

In honor of Joe Fitrzyk 

Ms. Anna Ellis

In honor of J.D. Winegarden’s special birthday 

Gary & Carol Hurand 

In Memory

In memory of Edward Neithercut 

Mr. & Mrs. Howard J. Bueche

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Henry

In memory of Elizabeth & Edward Neithercut 

Anna Pauline Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Higgins

Dr. Jay & Jan Werschky

In memory of Mary Helen Taylor 

Mrs. Rosemary R. DeCamp

Mr. & Mrs. James Lay

Mr. & Mrs. Randall Petrides

Chuck & Kathryn Sharbaugh

In memory of William S. White to support Art School Endowment 

Mrs. Heather Barrett

Jane Bingham

Ms. Elizabeth T. Boris, in memory of Bill’s visionary leadership of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and his ongoing support for the Charitable Sector

Brindle’s Janitorial - Paul, Adam & Staff

Bill & Mary Burdett

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Burger

Patrick & Twiss Butler

C. S. Mott Interns 2016

Ms. Delia Cappel

Ms. Annette M. Chamberlain

Dr. & Mrs. Alexander Chan

Chan Family Charitable Fund

Cline, Cline & Griffin PC

Community Impact Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint

On behalf of the Council on Foundations Staff and Board of Directors

Ms. Janelle Cousino

Mr. & Mrs. Marc Crumm

Gretchen & Ethan Davidson

Ms. Kathryn Davis

Ms. Monique Desormeau

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Easter

The Debbie and John Erb Family Fund, donor-advised grant

Mark & Sheila Essenberg

Estate of William S. White

George Farah & Michelle Farah

Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation

FowlerHoffman LLC

Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Fuller

James & Becky Gaskin

Gazall Lewis Architects

Ms. Edes P. Gilbert

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Goodnow

Mr. Britton L. Gordon, Jr., in thanksgiving for the life of William S. White

The Hagerman Foundation - Philip Hagerman & Jocelyn Hagerman

Mrs. Louise Hartwell

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Henry

Ms. Barbara L. Hill

Mr. & Mrs. Gary J. Hurand

Bruce Jeffrey

Ms. Jenan Jondy

Mr. & Mrs. James Keel

Kommareddi Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint

Mr. Miles Lam

Mr. & Mrs. Phil & Kim Lawrence

Ms. Jennifer Liversedge

Ms. Jeanette R. Mansour & Mr. Joe Green

Mrs. Lisa Maxwell

Olivia Maynard & Olof Karlstrom

Michigan Municipal League

Mary R. Morgan & David J. Callard

Ms. Maryanne Mott

Mott Children’s Health Center

Neil J. Sosin, Matthew Sosin, and Northern Equities Group

Mr. Samuel B. Passmore

Eric S. & Tammy S. Peterson

Terry K. Peterson & Scott Shanklin-Peterson, in honor of Bill White’s Contributions to Growing Afterschool Opportunities Across America

Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Piper

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Piper

William H. Piper - Flint Community Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint

Mr. & Ms. Daniel Richards

Sean & Katie Roberts

ROWE Professional Services Co.

Ruth Mott Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Khalil M. Saab

Sacred Family Causes Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy C. Sanford

Schaffer & Combs, LLC

Chuck & Kathryn Sharbaugh

Ray Sinclair

Skypoint Ventures

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Smyth

US Sugar

University of Michigan-Flint, College of Health Sciences

Tom & Elizabeth Vanhecke

Wade Trim, Inc.

Ms. April Wagner

Dr. Jay & Jan Werschky

Thomas E. White & Michelle F. White

The Widder Family

Todd L. Wiseley

Woolems Luxury Builders

Judge & Mrs. Thomas C. Yeotis

Print Club Members 19/20

Since 10.11.19 - 1.10.20 

Mr. Joseph Coriaty

Mr. & Mrs. F. James Cummins

Mr. & Ms. Jonathan Glab

Neal & Amanda Hegarty

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Henry

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Hoyt

Ms. Elizabeth A. Kaplan & Mr. Rex Donahey

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher S. Kelly, Sr.

Mr. Max Lepler & Mr. Rex L. Dotson

Mr. Michael J. Mirto

Mr. Patrick Murray & Mr. James Edwards

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Ott

Mr. H. Michael Parker

Dr. & Mrs. Mark Plucer

Dr. D.J. Trela & Dr. David Bailey

Mr. Dale K. Weighill & Mr. Sang Truong

Ms. Kathleen A. Weiss & Dr. Scott A. Graves M.D

Ms. Mary Whitlock

Mr. & Mrs. Dean Yeotis

Event Sponsors

Since 10.11.19 – 1.10.20

Art on Tap 2019 

John K. Costa, AIA Architectural Design & Consultation, PLLC

Tim & Martha Sanford

Community Gala 2020 

Advanced Physical Therapy Center

Celestia Bell

C & S Motors, Inc.

Dental Care Team

Eric S. Peterson & Associates Mortgage Lenders, LLC

Friends of Berston

Eric Gasper - Edward Jones

Greater Flint Chapter of the Pierians, Inc.

Mr. Louis A. Hawkins

Ms. Lynne Hurand

Gary K. Johnson, M.D., M.P.H.

Kettering University

Dr. Jamile T. Lawand & Mr. Barry J. Carr

Dr. Ramotsumi & Mrs. Velynda Makhene

Sean & Eureka McCormick

Roland & Cynthia Morsee

Plante Moran

Shelley Spivack & Linda Pylypiw

Drs. Rama & Venkat Rao

Ann & Khalil Saab

Ms. Shelley R. Spivack & Mr. Justin Scanlon

The Williams Firm, P.C.

Town Center Family Dental-Dr. Lori Thomas , Dr. Tim Vanitvelt & Dr. Richard Halliday

Patrick & Gloria Tyus

University of Michigan-Flint

Valley Area Agency on Aging

Dr. Jay & Jan Werschky

Todd & Lisa Wiseley

The Party 2020 

Mass Transportation Authority

Attorney Matthew L. Norwood

Wine Tasting 2020 

Mrs. Edmund Brownell

Flint Cultural Center Corporation

Roy, Noye & Warren, CPA, P.C.