Judy and Frank Kasle

Judy & Frank Kasle

Buying a theater seat in celebration of her 75th birthday made perfect sense for Frank and Judy Kasle, since their love of film has brought them to the FIA Theater for movies for as long as they can remember. 

Dedicated film aficionados, the couple hosted a long-standing Oscar Party until, as Judy noted, they realized a number of attendees were more interested in viewing the awards show than the nominated films. Lovers of live theater, the husband and wife team regularly see plays here Flint as well as in Detroit and New York. However, the FIA Theater holds a special place in their hearts, both for the range of film they’ve viewed in the space as well as introductions by Curator of Film Ed Bradley.  As Judy noted, “Having this theater in Flint is a gift and we’re happy to support it, now and in the future.”