Our ARTexpress program links the visual arts with the core curriculum to provide a comprehensive learning experience. One of our museum educators will introduce art concepts to your students and give them the tools they need to express ideas and thoughts they are already learning in your classroom.

Choose from the following theme:


Students learn some of the ways artists tell stories in their artwork and practice drawing techniques that will help them create illustrations that tell their own story.


Students learn how artists show landscapes, seascapes, and cityscapes and practice ways to communicate about the places in their artwork.


Students look at portraits, learn about the proportions of the face and ways to express emotion and identity.


Students will think about the special traits of different kinds of animals, how artists use animals in their work and practice creating real and imaginary creatures.


Students will explore the ways artists incorporate weather, seasons, and plants in their work and practice showing nature in their own artwork.

Each program is available as a single visit to the FIA or a multi-part program, taking place in your school (limited to Genesee County schools) and in the FIA galleries and studios. One of our museum educators will work with you to plan the specifics of your programs. In-schools presentations are limited to schools in Genesee County.