Today we think of technology as strictly digital media, but new materials and equipment have been invented since the beginning of human history. In this program, your students will discover how technological advances influenced artists and opened up new possibilities for the kinds of artwork they were able to create.

Choose form the following topics:


The development of painting from egg tempera to oil and the invention of tin tubes for paint led to change in how paintings are made and how they look.


The development of special glazes by Luca della Robbia in the Renaissance to the large-scale ceramics of Jun Kaneka revolutionized how ceramic objects were made.


From the beautiful colors created by light passing through colored glass to the ‘light paintings’ made by refracting and reflecting white light, new and old techniques combine to create inspiring images.

Each program is available as a single visit to the FIA or a multi-part program, taking place in your school (limited to Genesee County schools) and in the FIA galleries and studios. Subject matter for student artwork can be adjusted to connect with your curriculum. One of our museum educators will work with you to plan the specifics of your program. In-school presentations are limited to Genesee County.