From Manchester to Montgomery: Textile Conservation in the UK and USA

July 10 • 6:00p • FIA Theater • Free Admission

Guest Lecturer: Howard Sutcliffe, River Region Costume and Textile Conservation 

The magnificence of the pre-Gobelin tapestries and the grandeur of the Bray Gallery never fails to captivate FIA visitors. Constant assessments of the condition of the tapestries are the responsibility of the Curatorial Department. Beginning in June 2019, conservator Howard Sutcliffe will be in the Bray Gallery, working on the tapestries. 

On July 10, Sutcliffe discusses his journey as a conservator, including his work at several institutions on both sides of the Atlantic, conserving objects as disparate as Tiraz fragments from Medieval Egypt to Kermit the Frog. He will outline the basics of textile protection practice and theory, using examples of past conservation work, as well as an in-depth look at a few of his most recent projects.

Howard Sutcliffe is the principal conservator and director of River Region Costume and Textile Conservation, a private practice in Montgomery, Alabama. River Region provides collection management advice, collection surveys, and conservation treatment services for individual and institutional clients throughout the U.S. Sutcliffe has worked as the Head Textile Conservator at the Detroit Institute of Arts, in the textile conservation studios at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and American Textile History Museum, and at The National Trust and National Museums Liverpool. He is a Professional Associate member of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works and a current board member of the North American Textile Conservation Conference.

The Sheppy Dog Fund Lecture has been established to address the topics of art, religion, and history prior to the 19th century, and is funded by The Sheppy Dog Fund, Dr. Alan Klein, Advisor.

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