Strengthen your students’ literacy skills with a START (Success Through ART) program! START combines look at and talking about works of art, listening to children’s literature, and making art. During the program, students are given opportunities to develop the math, science, problem solving, and visual expression skills they need to be successful in school and in life.

Exploring Lines

How many different kinds of lines are there? Children will explore infinite ways to create lines as they explore markers, oil pastels, clay, and/or electroluminescent wire lights.

Exploring Shapes

How many different kinds of shapes are there? After learning about organic and geometric shapes and practicing cutting out with scissors, children create collages and sculptures.

Exploring Colors

How many different colors are there? Children investigate primary colors and find out how to mix them to make more colors. Then they explore painting media, colored acetate, tissue paper, and markers as they create colorful designs.

Exploring Textures

How do textures look and feel? Children find out as they explore a variety of textures. Then they utilize textured papers and other materials to create a texture collage and use their fingers and hands to make textures in clay.

This multi-program program is available or in-school presentation in Genesee County. Schools outside Genesee County are welcome to participate in program virtually, or at the FIA.