Art and science go hand in hand so we are putting the A in STEM to make STEAM. Sign your students up to explore how Art is related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math concepts.

Choose from the following topics:

The Art & Science of Clay

Grades 3-6

View ceramics in the galleries and discover how ancient peoples used clay to create objects to offer protection and bring good luck. Then learn about the science of clay as you create your own clay artwork. NOTE: Finished work will be ready for pick up in 2-3 weeks.

The Art & Science of Color

Grades 3-6

Discover how artists use color to create different visual effects and explore how light enables color and shadow. Then try your hand at using color in your own work 
of art.

The Geometry of Art

Grades 3-6

Explore how artists use geometry to create art. In the studio create a sculpture, perspective drawing, or abstract collage.

Inventing Art

Grades 7-12
Experience first-hand how technological advances changed the ways artists made artwork in the FIA collection. Choose one of the following options: 
  • Painting - Trace the development of painting from egg tempera to oil and see how the invention of tin tubes for storing paint led to a change in how paintings are made and how they look. 
  • Ceramics - Learn about the history of ceramics — from the development of special glazes by Luca della Robbia in the Renaissance to the large-scale ceramics of Jun Kaneko that revolutionized how ceramic objects are made today. 
  • Glass - From the beautiful colors created by light passing through colored glass to “lightpaintings” made by refracting and reflecting white light, learn how new and old techniques combine to create inspiring images.

Issues & Ideas

Grades 7-12

See how artists have documented, criticized, or celebrated war in their art in this multi-part program. An art history presentation and discussion serve as a springboard for talking about conflict and resolution, war and peace, love, loyalty, betrayal, and loss. Then create a painting, drawing, or digital work that incorporates images from art history or popular culture to convey a personal message.

Each program is available as a single visit to the FIA or a multi-part program, taking place in your school (limited to Genesee County schools) and in the FIA galleries and studios. One of our museum educators will work with you to plan the specifics of your program. In-school presentations are limited to schools in Genesee County.