End of an Era

Effective June 30, 2017, the Art Sales and Rental Gallery, operated by the Founders Society since the 1950s, will close permanently. As part of the FIA Art School expansion, the Bishop Gallery will relocate into the area currently occupied by Art Sales and Rental.

While all rentals are being discontinued, the art in the gallery is still for sale. There are many pieces of unique and original art by local artists, as well as prints and objects of homegrown significance available. If you have admired a particular piece of art, or the work of a certain artist, please stop in and consider making a purchase.

The last Featured Artist show for March/April was Alyssa Minatel, winner of the 2016 Wet Paint Day.

The Founders Society thanks everyone for their past support and encourages continuing patronage of the upcoming events and programs as it continues its work implementing and assisting the mission of the Flint Institute of Arts.

March/April Featured Artist

Alyssa Minatel

Flint artist Valorie J. Horton began working in ceramics at the FIA Art School in fall 1995.  She states, “Clay has now become a part of who I am. The one-on-one involvement with clay gives me many challenges.  Throughout my years of working with clay, I have tried to define my potter’s voice, my integrity, my honor, and my life’s passion.

That path, between the technical and reality and the imagination of my spiritual self, is that language that I choose to express in clay. In my work, I am driven to embellish, incise, and manipulate the forms. I enjoy manipulating the viewer’s eye to explore subtle changes and repetitive patterns within my work. You will see technical aspects included in function and utility in my work. I believe, to be successful, my work must awaken the viewer’s response to look beyond the surface of the object. Through clay, I search for a direct link to the soul.”  

Horton has exhibited previously in the Art Sales and Rental gallery at the FIA, the Greater Flint Arts Council, and the National Conference of Artists.

Alyssa Minatel, Reflect (Work in Progress), 2017, Oil, digital print on canvas, 24 x 18 inches


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