From the Executive Director 

Dear FIA members,

In 1996, when I interviewed for the position of museum director at the Flint Institute of Arts, the head of the search committee pulled me aside and told me they were looking for someone who would stay at least five years. That advice resonated with me. By then, having worked in three museums in as many states, I had learned that to move an institution forward, it takes time to develop programs, cultivate relationships, and, above all, earn the trust of the community, the staff, and all who support the institution. That was 25 years ago. How time flies. 

Two years ago I announced to the Board of Trustees my intention to retire, but then the pandemic hit, and I agreed to stay until it seemed reasonable to start looking for my replacement. And now, the time seems right for me to step down from my position effective June 30, 2022.

The FIA Executive Committee, led by Board President Tom Lillie, has hired Mark Oppenheim and Associates out of San Francisco to conduct a national search and the process has begun. They have had success in finding directors for the Art Institute of Chicago, San Antonio Museum of Art, Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, and Toledo Museum of Art, to name a few. 

I am proud to say that during my tenure, we have continuously operated in the black, completed nearly a dozen capital projects, including five expansions, increased the diversity and quality of our exhibitions and collections, engaged a broader audience, and created a national reputation for excellence. With these achievements, I believe the Institute is well-positioned for the many great opportunities that lie ahead.

Though collectively these accomplishments are gratifying, my greatest satisfaction comes from comments visitors make about their interaction with art in the galleries and from seeing the progress students are making in the studios. Hearing we have created meaningful experiences in the galleries, lecture hall, theater, and studios always has been, for me, the best measure of success.

After 50 years in the field, with half of them at the FIA, I will miss the stimulation of working in such a challenging and fulfilling position. With the dedicated leadership of the Board of Trustees, hundreds of volunteers, my highly professional and hard-working colleagues, generous patrons, and all of you, the FIA has become essential to our community’s future growth and development. 

It has been my great honor and joy to be a part of creating the vision that has brought the FIA this far, and I am truly grateful for your support over the years.

John Henry

Executive Director

John Henry has been the FIA's Director since July 1996, and holds an M.A. from the University of Mississippi in Art History and a B.F.A. from the University of South Carolina in sculpture.

He is a member of Rotary International and a member of numerous professional affiliations including the Board of Trustees of the Flint Classroom Support Fund, The Association of Art Museum Directors, American Association of Museums and the Midwest Museum Conference.

The Director is responsible for the administration of board policies and all museum operations.

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