Tiger Within

Event Type Special Film Screenings, Jewish Film Festival
Date calendar  Monday, May 2, 2022
Time clock  7:00pm - 9:00pm (2h)
Location FIA Theater

(Canada, 2018) Directed by Rene Balcer and Nicola Zavaglia, 88 min., no MPAA rating

In Tiger Within, Edward Asner plays a Holocaust survivor who takes an interest in and eventually takes in a runaway, a Midwestern teen punk who drew a swastika on her leather jacket for shock effect. The product of a broken home, Casey (newcomer Margot Josefsohn) was told the Holocaust is a “myth” by her drunken, disinterested mother. So old Samuel is here to teach her otherwise, and share a few 90 something profundities with the obnoxious, angry-at-the- world 15 year-old. This was Ed Asner’s last film.

(This film is part of the 18th ANNUAL Karen Schneider Jewish Film Festival of Flint. Tickets can be purchased at the door.)

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