Glass on Paper: Vitreograph Prints

Event Type Exhibitions
Date calendar  Thursday, June 22, 2023
Time clock  10:00am - 5:00pm (7h)
Location Graphics Gallery

In 1974, during a university seminar devoted to cold-working glass techniques, American Studio Glass pioneer Harvey Littleton developed a new process for printing that he called vitreography. Unlike traditional printing methods that utilize wood or metal plates as a tool in image-making, vitreography uses glass plates. 

Over the course of thirty years Littleon invited more than 110 visiting artists to his studio to make prints using this process. They experimented with tools like diamond point styluses, etching acids, assorted drawing or scraping instruments, as well as sandblasting. By utilizing these many different tools and techniques they discovered that they could achieve tonal variations, textures, fine lines, and detail. Traditional printmakers, painters, ceramic and glass artists, and sculptors quickly discovered that vitreography allowed them to express themselves in new and interesting ways. This exhibition features vitreograph prints by some of the most well known contemporary glass and ceramic artists.

Exhibition and programming support provided by the IFPDA Foundation

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