59 Days

Event Type Exhibitions
Date calendar  Wednesday, June 7, 2023
Time clock  10:00am - 5:00pm (7h)
Location Security Credit Union Gallery

59 Days is an experimental work by South Korean artist Seoungh Cho that combines lyrical image and sound collages. In his works, Cho focuses on the study of human subjectivity as well as isolation and alienation in relation to culture and landscape. The natural and urban landscapes that Cho depicts often move with a continuous fluidity, shifting from dreamlike abstractions of light to fleeting reflections of objects and people. Figures and their environments are mirrored and diffused through one another, silhouetted with a haunting anonymity that is echoed in the poetic texts and soundscapes that accompany each piece. Born in Pusan, South Korea in 1959, Cho received his BA and MA in Graphic Arts from Hong-IK University, Korea, and an MA in video art from New York University.

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