The Tree of Life: The Connection Between the Divine and the World

Event Type Sheppy Dog Fund Lecture
Date calendar  Thursday, June 1, 2023
Time clock  6:00pm - 7:00pm (1h)
Location FIA Theater

The Tree of Life: The Connection Between the Divine and the World

 By: Dr. Justin Sledge, Guest Lecturer 

June 1 & 8 | 6:00p | FIA Theater

Monotheism has long struggled with a central theological and philosophical problem: How to bridge the gap between an infinite, transcendent God and the finite, immanent world. In these two lectures, Dr. Justin Sledge will explore how philosophers, theologians, mystics and artists have attempted to solve this dilemma. The first lecture will introduce the central question in philosophy and art in the ancient world of Greek Philosophy and Mystery Religion, from the speculation of the first atomists, Egyptian occultists transcending their bodies beyond the stars to Jewish mystics reaching into infinity itself. The second lecture will take us into the speculations of medieval Christian theologians and mystics, the rise of Kabbalah, and secret philosophies that sought to ascend and unify with the divine itself. Of course, we will also explore the fantastic art and artistic depictions of the journey from our world to the world of the majestic, hidden divine! Dr. Justin Sledge earned his under-graduate degree at Millsaps College then went for a DRS in religious studies (Western Esotericism and Related Currents) at the Universiteit van Amsterdam and a MA and PhD in philosophy at the University of Memphis. He is currently a part-time professor of philosophy and religion at several institutions in the Metro Detroit area and a popular local educator.

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