To the House Without Exit​ | Part 2: The Flowering of the Afterlife

Event Type Sheppy Dog Fund Lecture, Educational Lectures, Free Programs
Date calendar  Wednesday, April 21, 2021
Time clock  6:00pm - 7:00pm (1h)
Location Virtual Lecture

To the House Without Exit

Guest Lecturer: Dr. Justin Sledge 

Explore the simultaneously fascinating and arcane dimensions of the afterlife! 

It’s thought that there is no more fundamentally religious idea than the afterlife. While ubiquitous in the western world, this concept is both historically and philosophically complicated: How old is this notion? 

Both lectures stand alone, so attending each is not mandatory for understanding this intriguing religious subject. Additionally, both parts will be available for viewing at a later date on 

Part Two of Two | The Flowering of the Afterlife

Dr. Sledge’s second lecture focuses on the flowering of the afterlife in the centuries forged by early Christianity, rabbinical Judaism, and Islam. Here the concept of heaven and hell is simultaneously organized yet continues to shift and evolve. New questions emerge: Do Jews really downplay or reject the notion of an afterlife? Did Dante’s Divine Comedy reflect on and innovate medieval Christian afterlife? Is it possible to imagine an afterlife without being religious?

The Sheppy Dog Fund Lecture has been established to address the topics of art, religion, and history, and is funded annually by The Sheppy Dog Fund, Dr. Alan Klein, Advisor.

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