Building Blocks of the FIA

Biggby Coffee, Dort Financial Credit Union, Halo Burger

There are many ways to contribute to the Flint Institute of Arts, and these building blocks of support assist in funding exhibitions, special events, and programming. 

Many businesses supported the FIA in the midst of COVID-19, and we would like to highlight a few.

Biggby Coffee became the presenting sponsor of Coffee with the Curator, a new program allowing visitors to learn more about art and the FIA’s collection, along with enjoying a cup of coffee. Although the program has been postponed, we look forward to its relaunch this fall.

Dort Financial Credit Union sponsored the FIA’s Summer Film Series, and although it was postponed due to COVID-19, the support from Dort Financial was immeasurable. We look forward to launching this new program in 2021.

Halo Burger is the sponsor of the FIA’s Youth Membership, and through the program, children select a stuffed animal that connects to the year’s programming. They learn about the FIA’s collection while having the opportunity to make art in accompanying workshops. And with safety in mind, children are still able to participate while socially distancing in the FIA’s Art School.

These are just three Flint businesses helping the FIA, along with many others supporting the museum through sponsorship, donations, volunteering, and much more. To learn how you can contribute, visit