Baby Tours / Ages 0-2 / First Sundays 1:00p.- 1:45p. / Sep to May/ Free of Charge

Baby Tours offer an art viewing experience in our galleries along with an exploration of materials and books for parents alongside their infants, toddlers, or young two year olds which nurtures language and literacy skills. Both viewing and exploring art develops the foundation for lifelong cognitive, social, emotional and multi sensory skills.

A guided tour from 1:00 to 1:30 with FIA Early Childhood Specialist, is followed by a developmentally appropriate exploration of materials and books from 1:30-1:45.

Sep 3      Explore Texture 

Oct  1      Explore All of the Colors                

Nov 5      Explore Black & White 

Dec 3      Explore Furry Friends

Jan  7    Explore Silly Faces

Feb  4    Explore Light

Mar  3    Explore Paper

Apr  7    Explore Squishy Painting

May 5    Explore Circles