Past Lecture

The World Wishes to be Deceived 

A Brief History of Art Forgery 

Guest Lecturer, Noah Charney

Art has been forged for as long as it has had value. And yet, forgers represent an oddity in the world of crime; they are convicted criminals. The general public tends to find them intriguing and admirable for their talent and ability to hoodwink the so-called experts. But forgery has quite literally changed history, and is not simply about Robin Hood-like illusionists pulling the wool over the eyes of the elite. This talk will bring us inside the history of art forgery, highlighting some of the most interesting, important, and engaging stories, while also taking us inside the mind of the forgers themselves.

The Thompson Lecture was established in 1991 by Dr. and Mrs. Jack W. Thompson to enable the Flint Institute of Arts to present a distinguished speaker in the arts or humanities each year. The Thompson Lecture is one of the Institute’s few members-only events and was established, in part, to attract new members to the FIA.