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Sahar Abdallah Flameworking Studio

Sahar Abdallah Flameworking Studio

The Flameworking studio is designed specifically to fabricate glass using torches. This specialized studio will be located on the second floor with appropriate specifications for electrical, gas, and ventilation. The studio will be equipped with fireproof steel tables, high-quality torches, kilns, and specialized tools.  

Flameworking is a technique used by artists to create glassworks such as beads, paperweights, and sculptures. Interesting synergy between the Flamework and glassblowing studios will allow students in the Flameworking studio to watch glassblowing and aesthetically stimulate them to incorporate techniques into their objects. Some of the most accomplished Flamework artists frequently encase their works in molten glass, which requires a blowing facility. These new spaces will increase our ability to provide all methods of glassmaking to the community.

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