Youth Membership

Youth Membership

The FIA has launched a new and enhanced Youth Membership program! This refreshed and expanded initiative will now be open for ages 2.5 – 18, featuring age-specific art activities and programs. 

Youth Members will be grouped by age into “Houses” – 2.5-5 Viridian, 6-9 Cerulean, 10-12 Carbon, and 13-18 Cadmium. Each House is designed to engage and empower young individuals in a structured and dynamic environment, developmentally suitable for each group. 

The activities and programs provided will serve as platforms for personal growth, collaborative development, positive contribution, and sense of community, while helping members to discover and cultivate their emerging talents and build lasting connections with peers who share similar interests.


$20 for the first child and $10 for each additional child, benefits include:

  • Four special youth activities/programs
  • Free admission to all exhibitions
  • 20% discount on FIA Art School classes
  • 10% discount in Museum Shop and The Palette Café
  • FIA Magazine subscription


Veridian 2.5-5                                     Cerulean 6-9


Carbon 10-12                                      Cadmium 13-18


Youth Membership Benefits

4 special youth activities
Free admission to all exhibitions 
10% discount in Museum Shop and The Palette Café 
20% discount on FIA Art School classes 
Special event invitations and FIA Magazine subscription