Introduce your little one to the world of art! Playdates at the FIA include listening to a storybook, looking at artwork in the galleries, and exploring a range of art-making materials in the studio. Recommended for ages 3-5, but all are welcome.

Hello FIA!

Listen to One, Two Three, ABC’s of Art by Sabrina Hahn, visit the front desk to meet and get a map from our museum helpers. Explore the galleries and then return to the studio to use various types of paper to draw on.

September 15 |11:00a-11:45a | Studio 1 | Free of Charge

Making Marks

Listen to Round by Jennifer Ward and Lisa Congdon, hunt for circles in artworks in the galleries and investigate printing with round found objects in the studio.

October 20 |11:00a-11:45a | Studio 1 | Free of Charge


November 17 |11:00a-11:45a | Studio 1 | Free of Charge


December 15 |11:00a-11:45a | Studio 1 | Free of Charge


January 19|11:00a-11:45a | Studio 1 | Free of Charge


February  16|11:00a-11:45a | Studio 1 | Free of Charge


Mar 15 |11:00a-11:45a | Studio 1 | Free of Charge

Spring Trees

April 19  |11:00a-11:45a | Studio 1 | Free of Charge

Natural Materials

May 17  |11:00a-11:45a | Studio 1 | Free of Charge   

Drips and Drops

June 21 |11:00a-11:45a | Studio 1 | Free of Charge