Allison Schulnik, American, born 1978. Mound. 4:23 minutes. Courtesy of the artist.


January 1, 2021 - January 31, 2021

In Mound, Allison Schulnik creates an alternate world where over 100 hand-sculpted and sewn figures morph with fluid movements. Their bodies dance and sway in a melancholic fashion to the haunting 1969 recording of It’s Raining Today by Scott Walker. The artist uses traditional stop-motion techniques, shooting each image frame by frame, without the use of special effects or digital manipulation. Comprising over 6,000 frames, the film took nearly eight months to create. Schulnik received a BFA in experimental animation from the California Institute of the Arts. In addition to art making, she has a background in dance and music.

From the Exhibition

  • Allison Schulnik, Artist

  • Still from Mound