Cristallerie de Pantin, French, 1850–1915. Salamander, 1878. 4 1/2 inch diameter. Photo: Paul Dunlop


November 16, 2019 - July 26, 2020

Decorative Arts Corridor

Visitors will delight in the rare and spectacular paperweights in this “postscript” to the Small Worlds exhibition from the FIA collection and private collections. One example is a paperweight similar to one that was featured in a 2012 episode of BBC’s Antiques Roadshow. In this exhibition (Rose, Pansy, and Thistle Bouquet by Clichy) features a bouquet of flowers containing Clichy’s signature pink millefiori rose, two thistles cupped by a thick green ring of spurs, and a purple and pale yellow pansy. Similar arrangements of flowers are known, and the Roadshow’s host suggested that it acts as a commemoration of the alliance between England, Scotland, and France during the Crimean War (1853–56).

From the Exhibition

  • Clichy, French, 1827-1885. Rose, Pansy, and Thistle Bouquet, ca. 1850. 3 1/4 inches diameter. Private collection.