Jerry Taliaferro, American, born 1953. Kim D. Yarber, 2021. Digital print, 16 x 12 in. 2021.173

Sons: Seeing the Modern African American Male

January 23, 2022 - April 16, 2022

Henry Gallery Hodge Gallery

This year artist Jerry Taliaferro returns to Flint to photograph the men of our community for Sons: Seeing the Modern African American Male, which will be shown at the Flint Institute of Arts in 2022 on the 5th anniversary of the Women of a New Tribe exhibition. Much more than a photographic study, this exhibition aims to explore perceptions and biases. In Taliaferro’s words: “Recent events point to the urgent need for conversations about the contemporary Black American male. Any effort, however humble, to foster an understanding of this largely misunderstood and often marginalized segment of the American population is of utmost importance.” Visitors will be presented with two photographs of each subject —first a black-and-white image of just a face, and then later in the exhibition a photograph in color, where the subjects are instructed to “be themselves.”  

From the Exhibition

  • Jerry Taliaferro, American, born 1953. Herbert L. Pitts, 2021. Digital print, 16 x 12 in. 2021.147

  • Jerry Taliaferro, American, born 1953. Rafeal D. McDaniel, 2021. Digital print, 16 x 12 in. 2021.135

  • Jerry Taliaferro, American, born 1953. David Steven Gibson, 2021. Digital print, 16 x 12 in. 2021.107

  • Jerry Taliaferro, American, born 1953. Eric C.L. Jones, 2021. Digital print, 16 x 12 in. 2021.119

  • Jerry Taliaferro, American, born 1953. Anthony F. Alexander, Sr., 2021. Digital print, 16 x 12 in. 2021.81

  • Jerry Taliaferro, American, born 1953. Lee Grant Allen, Jr., 2021. Digital print, 16 x 12 in. 2021.83