Each year, the Flint Print Club commissions an artist to produce a print to augment both the FIA’s collection and the pursuit of personal collecting. The Club is limited to 100 members in good standing at the Family level or above. Flint Print Club dues are $250.00 annually, which provides each participating member with a selected print and related programs.

The FIA is excited to announce that the 2016 commissioned print by Stanley Casselman was so well received, only four remain! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to own Casselman’s first ever print, commissioned to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Flint Print Club. To find out more about the artist and his work, please visit stanleycasselman.com.

For more information about joining the Flint Print Club, please contact Valarie Allen at 810.234.1695 or via email at vallen@flintarts.org.

Stanley Casselman, American, born 1963, Luminor Moment, 2016, Screenprint on paper, 30 1/4 x 22 1/2 inches.


In 2007, the Flint Institute of Arts established the Flint Print Club. Its mission is to develop connoisseurship among its members and educate the general public about prints, printmaking and print collecting through its semi-annual Print Fair and annual print edition. The Club is limited to 100 members, so the edition is always limited to 100 signed and numbered impressions. Over the past decade, the FIA has been fortunate to work with a slate of internationally recognized artists: Janet Fish, Richard Bosman, Gladys Nilsson, Mary Lee Bendolph, Marylyn Dintenfass, Sidney Hurwitz, Hunt Slonem, April Gornik, and Karsten Creightney.

  Three of the past nine years saw all 100 memberships purchased, but the other six years still have prints available. To distribute the outstanding inventory of past commissioned prints, remaining editions are available for purchase at $500 for current Print Club members and $600 for non-members. There are a limited number of prints for each of these editions and these will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last.

To inquire about available prints, please contact Cory Potter of the FIA Museum Shop at 810.237.7329.

Richard Bosman, American, b. India, 1944. Faster Runner, 2008. Lithograph on paper, 24 x 18 inches.
Richard Bosman
American, b. India, 1944
Faster Runner, 2008
Lithograph on paper
24 x 18 inches
Karsten Creightney, American, b. 1976. Halftone Flower, 2015. Lithograph on paper, 18 x 12 1/2 inches
Karsten Creightney
American, b. 1976
Halftone Flower, 2015
Lithograph on paper
18 x 12 1/2 inches
April Gornik, American, b. 1953. Forest Light, 2014. Lithograph on paper, 20 x 27 inches
April Gornik
American, b. 1953
Forest Light, 2014
Lithograph on paper
20 x 27 inches
Marylyn Dintenfass, American, b. 1943. Billy’s Best Sting Ray, 2011. Ultra violet etching on paper, 22 x 30 inches
Marylyn Dintenfass
American, b. 1943
Billy’s Best Sting Ray, 2011
Ultra violet etching on paper
22 x 30 inches
Sidney Hurwitz, American, b. 1932. Gas Works, 2012. Aquatint on paper, 18 x 13 7/8 inches

Sidney Hurwitz
American, b. 1932
Gas Works, 2012  
Aquatint on paper
18 x 13 7/8 inches

Gladys Nilsson, American, b. 1940. Ragatta, 2009. Lithograph on paper, 18 x 23 inches
Gladys Nilsson
American, b. 1940
Ragatta, 2009
Lithograph on paper
18 x 23 inches


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