PreK-12 Programs & Educators

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As a leading art museum in Michigan, the Flint Institute of Arts offers exciting opportunities to support critical thinking, creativity, and visual literacy skills with our programs for preschool through high school students. Museum visits may be scheduled for exhibitions, studio lessons, or programs combining both. We also offer a wide range of outreach programs for presentation in your school as well as a selection of virtual programs. This booklet will introduce you to our programs and facilities. We eagerly look forward to helping your students explore curriculum-based themes and develop critical thinking through world-class works of art. The form below is included to help you plan the details of your program.

Programs at the Museum

Gallery Programs

Grades K-12

Our on-site programs are a great way to introduce your students to the museum experience and develop their visual literacy skills. We will guide your students in looking at, talking about, and making meaning from great art from around the world in the museum collection. Education staff will meet your group when you arrive and escort you to your chosen experiences. Each experience lasts 30-45 minutes and is aligned with the National Visual Arts Standards. Gallery lessons are free of charge. A fee of $3 per student is charged for studio experiences and $5 per student for extended learning experiences. Learn More

Ceramics Programs

Grades K-12

As you plan a ceramics program at the FIA you may choose from: a tour of the kiln room (10 minutes), gallery program (30-45 minutes), studio experience (60 minutes), or a combination of all three. Each experience is aligned with the National Visual Arts Standards and is designed to deepen students' understanding of how clay connects to earth science and chemistry. NOTE: finished work will be ready for pick-up in 2-3 weeks. Learn More

Glass Programs

Grades K-12

You have several experiences from which to choose: a Hot Shop demonstration, gallery program, studio experience, or a combination of all three. Each experience lasts 30-45 minutes and is aligned with the National Visual Arts Standards. If your group is large (maximum 60 students) or consists of more than one class, we are happy to help you work out a rotating schedule to get the most from your visit.  Learn More


Grades K-4

ARTreach programs link the visual arts with the core curriculum to provide a comprehensive learning experience for students. Each program is available as a single visit to the FIA or as a multi-part program taking place in your school (limited to schools in Genesee County). Subject matter for student artwork is adjusted to connect with your curriculum. One of our museum educators will work with you to plan the specifics of your program. During the program, students will be introduced to art concepts and techniques so they will have the tools they need to express ideas and thoughts about what they are already learning in the classroom.  Learn More 


Grades 5-12

Art and science go hand in hand so we are putting the A in STEM to make STEAM to explore how Art is related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math concepts. One of our museum educators will work with you to plan the specifics of your program. Each of the following programs is available as a single visit to the FIA or a multi-part program, taking place in your school (limited to Genesee County schools) and in the FIA galleries and studios.  Learn More

Virtual-based Programs

Grades K-12

The Flint Institute of Arts is pleased to offer virtual programs for PreK-12 classes. Our programs are designed to encourage active learning and engage students in careful observation and the development of critical-thinking skills. Each program includes three to five virtual sessions. To schedule a program, please call the Education department at 810-237-7314 or email Learn More

Afterschool Programs

Grades K-12

Are you looking for a fun and educational experience for your after school group? We offer programs at the museum, in our studios, and at your site (limited to Genesee County schools). Students enjoy experiences that develop their creative problem solving skills and help them express ideas through visual art. Please contact the Education department at 810.237.7314 or by email.

Scout Programs

Choose from a menu of exciting programs or work with a museum educator to create a custom experience for your scout group! Each visit lasts an hour and a half to 2 hours and combines gallery exploration with an art making activity. A fee of $4 per person covers art materials. Learn More

Services for Educators

Education staff members are available for curriculum consultations to plan special programs and ways to integrate the FIA collection with school curricula. Faculty presentations are available for a brief introduction to the FIA, its exhibitions, and educational resources. For more information, contact the Education department at 810.237.7314 or by email.