Youth Activities

Kuba Color Fields

May 20 | 1:30p-4:00p | Studio 10 

Utilizing wax crayons to make Kuba-inspired shapes and lines followed by a liquid watercolor wash, Youth members will create wonderful color fields of linear patterns. If desired, students can add detail marks with some paint.

Kuba Felt Banner 

July 15 | 1:30p-4:00p | Studio 10

Youth members will create a felt banner by cutting out various geometric shapes from felt scraps. Shapes can either be stitched on the banner with embroidery thread and a simple running stitch or shapes can be glued on the banner with craft glue.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to enjoy the FIA galleries, Palette Café, and Museum Shop while the children work on their projects. 

This activity is free to Youth members. Call 810.237.7315 to RSVP your child today.