A Legacy

The Flint Institute of Arts celebrates the life of Robert Piper, 1942–2017. Bob’s affiliation with the FIA began 50 years ago, as a volunteer through the Friends of Modern Art at the first Art Fair. Art was integral to the lives of both Bob and his late wife, Judy. His enthusiasm for art manifested in multiple ways: traveling, participating in studio classes, collecting contemporary prints, and observing beauty. Bob served several terms on the FIA Board of Trustees and was a Trustee at the time of his passing.

Renaissance Society

In 2008, Bob and Judy Piper established a charitable remainder trust designating the FIA as one of the beneficiaries. This commitment made them members of the FIA’s Renaissance Society. The Society was established to recognize individuals who have notified the FIA that they have made provisions for the institution in their estate planning.

Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRT) are traditionally set up at a financial institution. These are an option to consider if someone has highly appreciated assets that they do not wish to sell during their lifetime. A CRT allows individuals to transfer assets or property to a trust for a partial tax deduction, receive income from the trust for a set period of time, and name a charitable beneficiary of the residual principal of the trust. 

The Pipers’ CRT provided a source of financial security for them in retirement and the satisfaction of “paying it forward” in gratitude for the positive impact that the FIA had on their lives.