Milestone Birthdays

Ann and Joel Harris 

photo of Ann and Joel Harris sitting in the theater
Ann and Joel Harris

This year, Ann and Joel Harris marked their milestone birthdays by designating seats in the FIA Theater. Joel remembers first visiting the galleries with his class when he was in grammar school. Years later, he joined the Friends of Modern Art (FOMA), which evolved into decades of engagement and even volunteering at the Flint Art Fair.

When Joel met Ann, who had just moved to Flint from Ann Arbor in 1971, he recruited her to work at the Fair’s Kiddie Court and Concessions. Eventually, Joel chaired the Fair and began FOMA Films. Together, Ann and Joel had fun, made friends, and started collecting works of art for their home. They have spent decades attending exhibition openings, film screenings, and lectures, along with browsing the galleries at their favorite art museum. Having designated seats in the theater made their birthdays even a bit more special.

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