Rick and Carol Lutgens

Rick & Carol Lutgens

When retired principal Rick and retired teacher Carol Lutgens began coming to the Friends of Modern Art (FOMA) film series, they had no idea where that movie fandom would lead. What began as a conclusion to their usual Sunday activities (Church, followed by a meal, and a FOMA film), has become their weekly “date night.” Carol noted, “We loved every part of our time: the staff, the other patrons, the movies. We felt connected. It’s our Sunday thing.”

 When Carol suggested that they buy a seat, it made perfect sense. “[FIA Associate Curator of Film] Ed Bradley provides such excellent overviews, he really holds your interest,” Carol said. “Every week, I want to go.” Rick laughed, “When I suggest going to another theater, she says no. She only wants to come here.” Both agree that the seat will be their legacy. “Flint has some wonderful jewels. We wanted to be part of caring for those jewels.”

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