The FIA is Supported by Hundreds of Philanthropists  

Philanthropy comes from the Greek word philanthropos, meaning “loving people.” It has come to refer to people or groups that contribute gifts which promote the general welfare of others. Such gifts include monetary donations, volunteered time, or the application of a talent or skill. 

The word philanthropy has a grandiose quality, and for many, it brings to mind notions of spectacularly wealthy citizens and organizations providing vast sums of money to underprivileged causes. Indeed, there is a long history of such extraordinary giving. Michigan is the birthplace of several of the largest private philanthropic foundations in the United States. In Michigan, the success of industries, including automotive, provided the opportunity for many private citizens to amass enough wealth to be able to contribute generously to varied charities of their choice. Because of this, the state is home to more than 2,000 grant-making foundations that contribute billions of dollars annually, nearly 95 percent of which remains in Michigan. 

However, philanthropy also encompasses the varied efforts of those in the community without such extensive resources. People contribute time, expertise, and money every day to the causes of their choice—and their reasons for doing so are as wide-ranging as the individuals themselves. Some give as an affirmation of the worth of the cause, others contribute as an assurance that their heirs will receive a rich cultural heritage. Others see giving as a moral obligation, to give back in some small way to the community of which they are a part. Giving feels good and feels right, and for some, this alone is reason enough. One thing is certain: the existence of all cultural institutions in this community, including the Flint Institute of Arts, would not be possible without a strong spirit of giving. 
Thank you for your philanthropy. The FIA is grateful!

The FIA is building endowment to support the Expansion Project and much more. If you wish to learn more, please contact Kathryn Sharbaugh by calling 810.234.1695 or by email