Michael Glancy, American, born 1950. Sterling Convergence, 2002. Engraved blown glass, engraved industrial plate glass, copper, silver. 8 1/2 × 12 × 12 in. (21.6 × 30.5 × 30.5 cm). Courtesy of the Isabel Foundation L2017.53

Hybrid: Glass + Metal

February 16, 2019 - June 16, 2019

Harris - Burger Gallery

Glass and metal come together in unexpected ways in this exhibition—one material is known for its strength, the other is known for its fragility. Each artist featured in Hybrid: Glass + Metal explores the possibilities of these two materials in creative ways. 

In the early 1970s, Mary Shaffer, an early practitioner of the American studio glass movement, adapted an auto industry technique for shaping windshield glass into her own mid-air slumping process. Sheets or chunks of glass are heated into a plastic state, then allowed to slump, or sag, around a metal element. She used iron wire, rusty tools, sheet metal, anything that could endure the heat of the kiln. The outcome is glass that gracefully drapes in a state akin to fabric while the metal remains in its strong, rigid state. 

Shaffer’s work reveals a fascination with the effects and manipulation of viscosity, leverage, balance, inertia, mass, and space. She explains her process as a dichotomy of feminine and masculine principles: “Because I work with gravity… I say I work with nature. I call this the ‘female principle’ in the Jungian sense—the idea of joining forces with nature versus the 19th century attitude of ‘man over nature.’ This is the fundamental philosophy behind my work.”

Other artists in this exhibition include Bella Feldman, Kyohei Fujita, Michael Glancy, Masami Koda, Albert Paley, Richard Ritter, Sally Rogers, Ginny Ruffner, Howard Ben Tré, Janusz Walentynowicz, and Albert Young.

From the Exhibition

  • Albert Paley, American, born 1944. Half Twist, 2001. Steel, hot-worked glass. 89 3/4 × 19 × 14 inches. Courtesy of the Isabel Foundation, L2017.5

  • Mary Shaffer, American, born 1947. Ledge Mamoure Blue, 2001. Steel, slumped fused glass. Dimensions: 79 × 11 7/8 × 12 7/16 in. Courtesy of the Isabel Foundation, L2017.113

  • Richard Ritter, American, born 1940. Floral Core Series #53, 2003. Gathered glass with murrine. inclusions, cast glass, copper electroforming. 15 × 17 3/4 × 10 3/4 in. (38.1 × 45.1 × 27.3 cm). Courtesy of the Isabel Foundation L2017.103

  • Bella Feldman, American, born 1930. He, 2004. Blown glass, bronze, steel. 87 1/4 × 36 1/2 × 12 3/4 in. (221.6 × 92.7 × 32.4 cm). Courtesy of the Isabel Foundation L2017.40

  • Ginny Ruffner, American, born 1952. The Phases of the Moon Flower, 2000. Blown glass, stainless steel. 48 × 42 × 32 in. (121.9 × 106.7 × 81.3 cm). Courtesy of the Isabel Foundation L2017.105

  • Howard Ben Tré, American, born 1949. Two, 2002. Cast glass, lead, pigmented waxes. 60 × 29 1/2 × 15 1/2 inches. Courtesy of the Isabel Foundation, L2017.15